Precautions before uploading documents

Before Uploading please read following
  1. Before uploading the documents please ensure that you have paid for it. We do not provide service on which the fixed fees has not been paid or if there is any discount coupon with you then the amount after deducting discount has to be paid beforehand
  2. Also ensure to keep the receipt of fees paid handy with you as it has to be uploaded along with the documents
  3. The documents to be uploaded shall be preferably in pdf format and not more than 5 MB in size
  4. Please merge all documents related to a single service in a single PDF document
  5. You can opt for multiple service in a single upload provided you have paid for each service
  6. After you have uploaded the documents our office analyses the documents and if any clarification is required will co-ordinate with you on your contact provided during submission of the documents only
  7. Although every precaution is taken that the documents uploaded are analyzed within shortest possible time yet we would request you to wait for 8 hrs to get a call unless the urgency warrants