Process for Purchasing a service

Please Visit the services page .There you will find link for  the list of documents required to upload for completion of a particular service or click to go there directly

Each service requires payment of fees and uploading of documents required for availing the service.We advise you to first go through the list of documents required for availing the service.

Once you have the documents ready with you Select the service and pay the fees by online or offline mode

Get the printout of receipt so that if required you may refer to it .

Now go to the upload document page under “Misc” tab or click here directly .Upload the documents required for the service as above

You can either pay the fees and upload the documents or you can upload the documents and pay the fees afterwards.Please note that fees has to be paid before we proceed on to provide the service.No service will be provided unless fees is paid.

Please read the instructions given under “CARE” tab in “services” page before uploading