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Revised Return under Income tax act

Revised return under Income tax act 1961 is covered under sec 139(5) of act .Whenever any assessee discovers any omission/discrepancy/inadvertent error after filing the return of Income he can at any time within one year from the end of assessment Year or before processing of return whichever is earlier  revise the same .Only condition was

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Filing of Income tax return (Late Filing)

There is a last date for filing your Income tax return for each type of assessee. The dates are as follows for A.Y. 2018-19 Salary 31st July Other assessee 30th September Now what happens if you are unable to file the return by this date.well two types of consequences are there. Filing beyond due date:

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Filing Income tax returns (Precautions)-Part IV

Income tax Return form 5  This post is in continuation of our earlier post on precautions while filing ITR for Asst Year 2018-19 . Please refer to them if you wish to read them for filing Income tax Forms ITR 1 ,ITR2, or ITR 3 Post Link Filing Income Tax Returns (Precautions) -I  Filing Income

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Filing Income Tax Returns (Precautions) -I

Income tax return filing in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

Filing of Income Tax Returns As you know from our earlier post New Income tax forms Released and their usage that the ITR 1 is for salaried assessee who other than salary income can have income from House property (maximum one property) and total income should be less than or equal to Rs 50.00 lacs.Some

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