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New changes in PAN requirements

CBDT has vide a circular amended the rules in relation to PAN requirements in India wef 05/12/2015.The details of the circular are as follows: a) First requirement says that any entity other than an individual and who has not been allotted a PAN and who enters into a financial transaction for 2.50 lacs or more

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Finalising Accounts in GST Era -III

  Now since the Annual Return of GST is out and the date of Tax audit under Income tax is approaching we will present our final post regarding finalisation of accounts in GST Era.We had already explained in detail the intricacies of finalisation of books in Post GST era that would be the first 9

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E-Verification under Income tax

E-verification is the process which confirms that the taxpayer has ob its own filed the return and further that he/she/it is fully aware of the facts disclosed in the return unless the return is filed by a TRP it is the assessee’s responsibility of the consequences of filing of return.This is similar to the fact

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Notices under Income tax

Any person may receive a notice that has originated from Income tax department.In this post we will discuss various notices under Income tax act and how to deal with them. There can be following notices under Income tax act Demand /Investigation Related/Defective return Section under which the notice is issued Purpose When Issued 143(1) Summary

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Defective Return under Income tax act

Defective return under Income tax act is covered under sec 139(9) which says that If there is any discrepancy/proof not provided in reference to the income filed and contextual taxes credit claimed or if in those cases where books are said to be maintained but the details are not filled then the return shall be

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