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GST Returns


As everyone is aware first return under gst regime is to be filed on 20th Aug 2017 it is pertinent that we may be ready to file the same well in advance .We have tried to explain the forms with information required.Please go through it and if any clarification is required you can mail us at or may drop your queries at our site

GSTGST Returns

Returns under GST

Details of  returns which are to be filed under GST with dates and requirements are as follows:

various returns in gst

Now we will take each return separately in individual post

Given under is format of Form GST 1

Given under is format of GSTR2

For sake of simplicity we have tried to explain various fields of returns by breaking it in blocks.Please refer to following chart


Sales or Supply Return
The Seller in common parlance or the Supplier in GST shall file his GSTR1
The Reciever gets the entries in GSTR2A,GSTR4A or GSTR6A.He can add,amend or delete the entries .
Based upon the input by the receiver the supplier gets 1A in which he can accept or reject the modifications done by the reciever.Whatever he does his GSTR1 stands modified accordingly

Purchase or Receipts of service or Inward supply:

The Receiver intimates the Added,Amended or Deleted entries via form GSTR2,GSTR4 or GSTR6 which gets conveyed to Supplier via GSTR1A,GSTR4A or GSTR6A as already discussed above

Monthly Return

Based upon the GSTR1 ,GSTR2 filed as discussed above monthly return is filed.PART A of form 3 is auto populated.

A visual presentation will clarify things more which is reproduced below