We are an Incorporated Private Limited Company managed by professionals.We strive to provide efiling services and other business support services all under one roof at reasonable prices.

Our team comprises of professionals well versed in their respective field

The Company

 A TO Z EFILING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a private limited company incorporated in Aug 2013 with having its registered office at Kanpur.Initially it was incorporated to provide accounting services but later on it was felt only Accounting was not enough so the domain was increased to all fields of Accounting which eventually lead to efiling services.

We have dedicated professionals and support staff that can work round the clock 24/7 in case of any exigency . Even otherwise we have policy of supporting our client according to their schedule with no questions asked


 We have licensed softwares as we do not use pirated softwares and we also recommend our clients always to use the original softwares.Whenever we supply any software to any of our client we ensure that these are developed on original softwares


 Right now we are servicing almost 200 + clients and we have ample infrastructure to handle any number of clients


 We have no locational restriction  policy and we can can provide our services anywhere.Though in todays world everything is online yet some things need to be discussed face to face.In this case we can discuss the matter over skype or google or any other platform that the client may wish

 Remote Support

 Though we provide support in reference of efiling yet there may be situations that the client may need help on the systems .In this case we provide remote support in which the client allow us to take control of its system on Remote basis and we analyse the system and advice.While doing this it is ensured that no data breach takes place and every session is recorded and a log kept for as far as 6 months

Our Team and its Essence

 We have Chartered Accountants ,MBAs,Advocates and other experts with us who work as a team and are readily available 24/7 to provide support and services to our clients

Chartered Accountants:

It is an agreed fact that without a chartered Accountant a business can never device its financial progress and if it tries to do so it becomes very tedious job to achieve success.Our Chartered Accountants are there to provide you insight into the pros and cons of different business strategies and help you to devise a proper tax planning devices under existing tax laws.

Management Business Graduates:

Now since a business is not just setting it up .There must be marketing, promotion and follow ups.This is where our MBAs are required .The team has with them youngsters who have just been nurtured to do this job.Given the finances constrained for a new startup our Management graduates will help you device these promotional activities with minimum budget and maximum presence


Lawyers have the gift of reading the fine print in every document  and situation which means that if an experienced Advocate is with you from the start you are bound to succeed.We have with us Advocates who have a wide experience of every field wherein we are involved .Essentially they are involved in all drafting related matters and if required they represent the clients upto Any Appellate level.

Software  and Hardware Professional:

Now Incorporation,Financial Management ,Marketing and promotion and Legal matters are taken care of but what about the technical matters related to running of business .Here comes the requirement of Software and Hardware professionals.

We have with us Associated Software and Hardware Professionals who will support you for all your software and Hardware requirements.Please understand that we do not sell Software or Hardware.These professionals are associated with us and are not on our rolls so they can work with you directly or you can route their requirements through us its always the client’s call.

Accounting Professionals:

Once the business is established you need good finance professionals who will look after day to day Accounting operations .For this you need good Accounting Professionals .we provide the accounting staff for you based upon your requirement and budget.