Annual Return under GST Form GSTR 9


Finally the format for GSTR 9 and 9A has been released vide notification no 39/2018 dtd 04/09/2018 by the GST department In this post we will try to explain each and every column required to be filed in the form.

The form 9 has been divided into 6 parts starting from Part I to Part VI.Each part is explained below:

First please go through the Format of form GSTR 9 and form 9A which is as follows

Explanation of various clauses in the said form GSTR9 are as follows:

As can be seen that major parts of the form are to be picked from the form GSTR3B and GSTR1 filed already and most importantly the details should have been filed by September of current year as any details if filed after that they will not be given credit for. Technically it means any credit if not taken by this date will lapse.

By Which date the form is to be filed?

It has to be filed by 31/12/2018 by every taxable person registered under GST however following persons are not liable to file GSTR9

a)Casual Taxable Person

b)Input Service Distributor

c)Non Resident Taxable Person

d)Persons paying TDS under sec 51 of GST Act

Penalty for Late filing:

Rs 100 per day upto maximum calculated at a quarter percentage of the turnover in state or UT .Further the penalty is for SGST and CGST seperately


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