E Way Bill Insight

E-way bill is an instrument which ensure that delivery of goods is being trailed via the system.It ensures non intrusive checks which were delaying the delivery of goods as for example each carrier which passes through any check post was checked and kept on hold for petty reasons in past but in new system since the details are on the system it has become almost impossible to undue harass the taxpayer.

E Way bill process is a 5 stage process

Registration in the portal – One time

Providing the details of consignment – Each time

Generating the bill — as and when required

Providing the same to the transporter

Dispatching the goods with E way bill

We will take each step one by one


This is a one time process wherein each dealer /transporter registered under GST if he wishes to carry/deliver goods has to get himself/herself/itself registered with E-Way bill portal at E-Way Bill Portal .The process of registration is given under.

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Generating the E-Way bill:

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Providing the E-Way bill and Dispatching the goods: Since the E-Way bill is generated online and in almost all cases the transporter can update the vehicle details the bill is generally available with the transporter already.Only thing required is that the E-way bill be present in the system before the goods are moved

Extending Validity of E-Way Bill: The validity of the E-Way bill can be extended.The provision has been provided to the taxpayer to extend the validity of E-way bill, if he / she is not able to reach the destination before the expiry of the validity of e-way bill. The user can extend the e-way Bill few hours before or few hours after the existing validity time of EWB. The few hours available for extending is defined in the web-site. The present transporter of the e-way bill can only extend the validity.

Distance linked validity of E-way bill:Validity of the e-way bill depends upon the distance the goods have to be transported. In case of regular vehicle or transportation modes, for every 100 KMs or part of its movement, one day validity has been provided. And in case of Over Dimensional Cargo vehicles, for every 20 KMs or part of its movement, one day validity is provided. And this validity expires on the midnight of last day.

We have tried to provide a brief process of Registration of user,Generation of E-Way bill and related details in the E-Way Bill Process.We will cover more sections in later posts to come.




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