Payment of tax under GST

While preparing the GST return the liability that comes after adjustment of Input credit available in ECl(Electronic Credit ledger) is to be paid through portal only .
The challan is to be generated after login to the portal .Once logged in the system will autopopulate the details and will ask for details such as CGST,SGST ,IGST Additional tax,Interest ,Penalty or Cess as the case may be
Once the details are provided it will ask for payment option which may be following
a) Offline upto amount of Rs 10000.00
b) Online for payments above 10000.00 that may be done by credit card, debit card or NEFT/RTGS
The user has option to pay immediately or can save the incomplete details that will remain valid for 7/30 days (7 in case the payment is to be made without NEFT/RTGS and 30 days in case of NEFT/RTGS).The challan so generated will contain 14 digit no called CPIN
Once paid a CIN will be generated that will contain CPIN as given above plus 3 digits identifying bank MICR code
Given under is the format of challan

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